3 things to do in Rome:
1. Go to St. Peter's Basilica
2. Be careful with your bag and cash
and 3. Enjoy the Italian men - the most handsome men in the world ;) Do you agree?



I went back again to my favourite country!  I was putting aside a high heel shoes and sequin skirt when I packed my case. Because it's impossible to wear heels in Italy. Stone roads weren't made for heels, you know! Italians are minimalistic and attractive so you would look like as Italians. And my perfect combination was: the old vintage hat + white Egor's shirt + red lipstick.
I'm afraid to disappoint you but I didn't take the look-photos. My lovely photographer, who can do hard work like this, didn't go with me.
Anyway, hope you like my photos! Say hello to Coliseum.
Coming soon: all about aviators, sexy Italian men, trains, pickpockets and much more in my notes.
By the way, I'm sure you will ask about the white bag. No, I didn't buy anything by MMM, I just came to my favourite H&M.



Одна только с самолета, другая после чудесной учебы, мы очутились в теплых объятиях бутика Urbanomania, где нас встретили с бокалом шампанского, а потом и накормили! 
Порадовал глаз и уши  «красочный» байер Boutique.ru Ален, у нас это имя в первую очередь ассоциируется с любимым «Мальчишником», так что атмосфера , как вы понимаете, задалась. Послушали заметки про закупки одежды для нашего города, грустная правда, мало простора для воображения. Хотя в магазине нам встретилось пару интересных вещей, ждём рождественских скидок!
Отдельное спасибо одному шикарному сотруднику Urbanomania за открытие целого мира очень странных ароматов от COMME des GARCONS: католическая церковь, резина, лондонский супермакет – всё, что только пожелает ваш нос в этот вечер.
Спасибо урбаномании, зайдем еще!



You know that I'm a crazy traveler and  Italy was the last country I visited!
Try to guess the city?



I'm finally done my mini movie. Can't wait to show you guys!
Choose 1080p HD!



After a week I realize that Barcelona is one of my favorite cities when I've ever been!
I would like to live here, to buy a bike and to visit museums. Barcelona is the motherland of Pablo Picasso whose pictures inspire me. And one of the most important thing is that many bars everywhere! Barcelona `rock it`! There are a lot of punks with colorful hair and just fashionistas. So, Barcelona's wekeend is always party rock! I love dance so much, especially if you dance to the music of Studio 54 or AC/DC you can wear down at the heels! A couple of times we went in the strange hard rock bars with the 40 years old rockers. At the same moment you feel like you're in a movie. Silence is everywhere, all people looking at you `ta da da dam`.
Boldness and madness in the city and everyone feels them!



Welcome home, my sweeties!
Love the dog necklace, boomber and red ring, can't wait to wear them with a colourful pants!